Ignorance Of The Law Is NOT An Excuse - Protect Yourself & Your Clients Today!

Unless You Make This Change To Your Website IMMEDIATELY, You Could Be Sued, (Even Extorted) For Thousands of Dollars Very Soon!

People All Over Are Losing A Ton of Money Because of This. But, I’m Going To Show You How To Make Sure It Never Happens To You AND How You Can Turn This Into A True Six Figure Income!

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Here Is ADA In The NEWS!

Business Owners Getting Sued Left & Right - Scary Stuff!

Fox Business News

ABC Action News

NBC News

National Association Of Realtors

No One Is Safe.
Doesn’t Matter If You’re:

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An Online Marketer

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A Local Consultant

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A Web Developer

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An Affiliate Marketer

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An Ecommerce Store Owner

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A Doctor, Chiropractor etc

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A Local Business Owner

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A Realtor

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Any Type of Profession 

Plainly Put... If You Have A Website or Ever Plan on Having One, Then You Need To Read Every Single Word On This Page.

Because It Can Be The Difference Between Whether You Keep or Lose 10’s of Thousands of Dollars!

So, How Would You Like To Make Some Serious Income Helping Businesses With Only About An Hour’s Worth of Work?


Hey Ifiok here,

If you are doing any type of business online that requires you to have a website, then you need to pay very close attention to what I’m about to say.

Because right now, there are individuals who are losing a significant chunk of their bank accounts because they are ignorant of a certain set of compliance laws that their websites need to abide by.

And I’m almost willing to bet that your website(s) fall in the same category.

However, there is a silver lining to this problem. One that one person used to create an additional $50,000 in only 7 weeks.

I’ll share more about that in a moment, but first...

Their Ignorance Cost Them 10’s of Thousands of Dollars... Are You Next?

It’s sad because website owners are being targeted and sued for a law that they are ignorant of. But as you’ll soon see, ignorance of this law is no excuse. Frankly speaking, if your site(s) don’t line up with this law correctly, you could have to tap into your nest egg or retirement fund...if you have one.

And if you don’t? Well...may there be mercy on you.

Just take a look at some of the people who discovered this the hard way…

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It’s Only A Matter of Time Before They Catch Up To You.

And When They Do? It’s Game Over

In short, you need to be ADA compliant. Because authorities aren’t messing around one bit. If you think it’s a game, let me assure you that it’s not. Everything is coming under scrutiny. Websites, apps, and pdfs included. All of these are susceptible to lawsuits and litigation.

Just take a look at these statistics when it comes to ADA compliance:


  • Lawsuits are mounting and are expected to increase…
  • The Department of Justice has backed ADA website Lawsuits
  • $6,000,000 was the Settlement Cost of a Recent Case
  • $50,000+ is the Average Legal Cost to Small Businesses
  • More than 10,000 websites sued as at 2020 due to non compliance. This number is expected to hit 100k by 2022

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Miss Just One of These MANY Requirements And It’s Game Over!

When I learned about how businesses were getting sued left and right, to say that I was shocked was an understatement. But even with my shock, I knew I had to make sure I protected myself now and in the future.

So I did a ton of research. Looking EXACTLY for what I needed to do in order to be compliant.

And I found that you have to meticulously deal with each image, video file, audio file, and more in a CERTAIN way so that your site is truly ADA compliant.

Not to mention that you need to make sure that you:

  • Have training
  • Have a web accessibility policy page
  • Make a web accessibility statement
  • Appoint an accessibility coordinator
  • Hiring an independent consultant, (depending on how large your business is
  • Invite feedback

Not getting any of these right AT ANY MOMENT can cause you INTENSE legal pressure and tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s why I set out to create a solution that can help you be compliant asap without the need for a lot of tedious effort. Just use this solution and all your ADA compliant headaches will go away...


'All-In-One' Website Accessibility Software For ADA & WCAG Compliance

So Why Should You Invest In ADA Bundle Today?

There’s so many benefits to having access to ADA Bundle. After you get access today, the only regret you’ll have is that you wish you would have had access sooner.

For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid Nasty and Costly Lawsuits That Suck Your Bank Accounts Dry
  • Rank Higher In The Search Engines With Less Effort
  • Service and Profit From the $650 Billion Disabled Market With A Capital ‘B’.
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Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $97/Year

Today Only: Low One Time Fee

HURRY! Price Increasing Again Soon...

ADA Compliance Widget Is Used By Top Brands Too!

Cocacola, Ebay, Toyota, New York law School, South Eastern University, United States Courts, Nielsen, Disney, FedEx, Duracell, Motley Fool, Amnesty International, Land Rover, etc.

Here's How This "All-In-One" Web Accessibility Software 

Compares With The Rest!


ADA Bundle

ADA Leadz

ADA Comply

Accessibility Policy Statement

Epilepsy safe mode

Cognitive Disability Mode

ADHD Friendly Mode

Blindness Mode

Visually Impaired Mode

Content Scaling

Readability Font

Dyslexia Friendly

Highlight Titles & Titles

Text Magnifier & Sizing

Line Weight

Letter spacing

Text alignment



High & Low Saturation

High Contrast

Text, Title & Background Colour

Mute Sounds

Text to Speech

Hide Images

Virtual Keyboards

Stop Animations

Highlight Hover & Focus

Big Cursor

Reading Guide

Keyboard Navigation

Reading Mask

Lead Gen App

Accessibility Audit & Compliance Report

Zero To Profit Accessibility Agency Accelerator Program

365 Days of Skype Group Mentorship

Bi-Weekly No Pitch Webinar Trainings To Help You Monetize ADA Bundle

ADA Bundle VIP Bonuses


$47 Lowest One-Time Fee

$97 One-Time Payment

$67 One-Time Payment

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $97/Year

Today Only: Low One Time Fee

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Check Out Some Of The Features Packed Into ADA Bundle...

First To Market Web Accessibility Features | Robust Lead Generation Engine | ADA Website Auditing | Generate Accessibility Report To Close Clients Effortlessly | And More!

Readable Experience Accessibility Features…

This includes;

  • Content scaling
  • Readability font
  • Dyslexia Friendly
  • Highlight titles & links
  • Text magnifier
  • Font sizing, Line weight & Letter spacing
  • Text alignment

Visual Pleasing Experience Accessibility Features…

This includes;

  • Epilepsy safe mode
  • Cognitive Disability Mode
  • ADHD Friendly Mode
  • Blindness Mode
  • Visually Impaired Mode

Accessibility Mode Features...

This includes;

  • Dark & Light contrast
  • Monochrome
  • High & Low saturation
  • High contrast
  • Text & Title colour
  • Background colour

Easy Orientation Experience Accessibility Features…

This includes;

  • Mute sounds
  • Hide images
  • Virtual keyboards
  • Stop animations
  • Highlight hover & focus
  • Big black & white cursor
  • Reading guide
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Reading mask
  • Text to speech

Website Accessibility & ADA Compliance Audit

Run website audits and accessibility compliance checks in just a single click...

You can use this as a foot in the door to close paying clients easily. You can make the audits free or paid, once the results are out, your prospects will have no choice but to pay you for your service if his/her site turns out to be non-compliant.

Generate Professional Compliance Reports

Generate beautiful accessibility & ADA compliance PDF reports...


You can use it as a lead magnet to generate super targeted leads or you can leverage it to even close clients effortlessly; simply do a an audit of your prospects website, generate the report and send to him/her alongside your proposal... Now how cool is that?

Robust Lead Finder Engine & Business Search.

Find and close local business owners whose website are not compliant...

It's simple, with the lead finder and business search tool, you can search for businesses by keywords or based niche. 

Get detailed info like site URL, email address, phone number, etc.  and with this you can close them for your service easily.

Accessibility Policy Statement Creator

Generate beautiful accessibility policy statement on your site.

This is important and required as one of the compliance requirements, it informs your site visitors of your level of compliance. And more than that it protects you from incessant lawsuits.

Special Bonus: Zero to Profits 

Accessibility Agency Accelerator

With the ADA Bundle, you can make your and your clients website ADA compliant in just minutes. And with the business finder and lead gen tool, you can find targeted prospects. "But how do you actually close these prospects & turn them into paying clients?"

How do you turn this opportunity into a true & sustainable business, and not a case of one client today and another client in three months time?

These are very CRUCIAL QUESTIONS you've always been left to figure out all by yourself.


Zero to Profits Agency Accelerator - is a step by step training program that’ll walk you through everything you need to start and scale a widely successful ADA Optimization Agency and start closing clients from day one.

ADA Bundle Accessibility Widget Supports All Your Favorite & Major Website Creation Platforms...

Watch This Quick Video To See ADA Bundle In Action...

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $97/Year

Today Only: Low One Time Fee

HURRY! Price Increasing Again Soon...

ADA Bundle Is Like Repellant For Greedy Lawyers

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It’s no secret that lawsuits for non ADA compliant sites are on the rise. As a matter of fact, this has become the new money maker for lawyers who used to chase ambulances.

And because they know the inner workings of the law, they can trap you in an instant for an easy payday.

But when you put the ADA Bundle compliance widget on your sites, you’ll sap them of their legal powers and render their underhanded schemes totally useless.

...plus website owners will happily pay for the service, now how cool is that?

Ignorance Is No Excuse.  If Your Site Isn’t Compliant, You Can Be Sued!

Unfortunately, even if you didn’t know about the laws that govern ADA compliance - you could still wind up losing 10’s of thousands of dollars. As a matter of fact, some of these ‘legal experts’ actually prey on unsuspecting individuals like yourself.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Not Being ADA Compliant Cost Him Dearly…

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Heck, You Can Even Be Sued Multiple Times If You Don’t Take Action Immediately!

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Listen. Unless You’ve Got An Extra $50k To Burn, You Need To Protect Yourself Now!

Heck, as you can see from above, if this happened to a major restaurant chain like Hooters, which happened to be sued multiple times for the same issue, what hope do you have of escaping ADA compliance?

These lawsuits are costing business owners 10’s of thousands of dollars. The average ADA compliance lawsuit is $50,000.


So you have to decide. Do you want to chance losing even 10% of that multiple times over or do you want to make a very small one time investment that will guarantee you never fall victim to an ADA compliance lawsuit now or in the near future?

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Grab These Exclusive Bonuses To Skyrocket Your Profits When You Get Access To ADA Bundle Today

Available ONLY During This Special Launch Period!

VIP Bonus 1

Commercial License

During this launch special offer, ADA Bundle comes with FULL commercial rights WITHOUT upgrading to pro.

So you can sell ADA optimization as a service to clients for top dollar and keep 100% of the profits to yourself.

VIP Bonus 2

Zero to Profits Accessibility Agency Accelerator Program

How do you turn this opportunity into a true & sustainable business, and not a case of one client today and another client in three months time?


Zero to Profits Agency Accelerator - this is a step by step training program that’ll walk you through everything you need to start and scale a widely successful ADA Optimization Agency and start closing clients from day one.

VIP Bonus 3

Exclusive Access To The Ifiok Nk's Private Skype Mentorship/Coaching For 365 Days

Get INSTANT Access To My Private Mentorship Program that gives you FREE membership access to my exclusive Skype group, where I will be closely coaching just a few students for the next 365 days...

This mentorship program comes with;

  • Private and exclusive mentorship class and an opportunity to connect with me one on one.
  • Bi-weekly training webinars where we teach and mentor you one on one(no sales pitch, 100% value every time)
  • Loads and loads of actionable and valuable contents, hacks and Bonuses worth over $2997 available for free.
  • And much more!

VIP Bonus 4

Bi-Weekly Hands-On Webinar Training & Coaching Sessions

Twice every week, my team and I go on a special training session with selected members of our community. 

On the first day(Wednesday), we do an in depth training; spilling all the secrets, strategies and hacks and on how to apply it to their business. And the second day(Saturday), we do a live Q & A session where we take everybody's questions and challenges they've faced trying to apply what they've learnt and help them in real time.

Immediately you get access to ADA Bundle today, you'll be given access to the training update group, so you can be part of that selected few!

Now how does that sound?

VIP Bonus 5

SFO Webinar Replay Vault

You get FREE unlimited access to our exclusive webinar replay vault. Each of these webinars normally costs a registration fee of $497 per attendant, but when you jump on the ADA Bundle offer today, you get INSTANT access to our replay vault.

PLUS access to all future webinar replays.

Some of the topics covered includes;

  • The 15 frameworks of sales applied to the sales script.
  • The Closing Roadmap: The 3 stages of closing the deal!
  • The 6 phases of objections on phone closing.
  • And much more!

VIP Bonus 6

FREE Live Call on Zoom With My Team Of Experts

Book a FREE 15 Minutes One on One Customer Success Session With Us!

We’ll Go Live On a 15 Minutes Call With You Via Zoom And Provide Solutions & Answers To All Your Support Queries And Inquiries in Realtime…

This is an opportunity to get experts take a look at your business and provide your with actionable advices and solutions with absolutely no costs

VIP Bonus 7

My Special "ADA & WCAG" Sensitization, Preselling And Client Closing Report

This will help you get clients on steroids &
turn this opportunity into a true six figure income stream! 

The report was professionally written to sensitize and educate your prospects on the "ADA & WCAG" policy, brings them up to speed on the recent ADA lawsuits and court cases, and finally pitches them on an optimization service on your behalf to save them from the same fate.

3 Out Of Every 5 Prospects That Read This Report Signed Up For An Optimization Service For Their Website.

Now how cool is that?

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $97/Year

HURRY! Price Increasing Again Soon

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Try ADA Bundle Today Risk Free!

I know that all of this information might be a little daunting to take in. But it’s the world we live in today. And if you want your business to thrive, you have to adapt.

That’s why I’m offering you access to ADA Bundle today. By getting access today, I guarantee that your sites will meet all the necessary requirements to be compliant.

Just copy and paste a single line of code that ADA Bundle gives you and you’re all set.

But if you don’t think that ADA Bundle lives up to everything I’ve stated on this page, or if for any reason you change your mind within 30 days of purchase, just simply send me an email and I’ll refund you every single penny.

No questions asked.

Plus as my way of saying thanks for giving ADA Bundle an honest try, I’ll let you keep all the bonuses! 

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $97/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

HURRY! Price Increasing Again Soon...

Don't Delay - Protect Yourself Today!

Normal Price: $97/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

ADA Bundle Accessibility Software

Notice: this is not a part of Google, the Facebook Website, or Facebook Inc.. Also, this site is NOT
endorsed by Google or Facebook in any way, Facebook is a Trademark of Facebook inc.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the product(s) sold through this website and their potential. Any claims made or examples given are believed to be accurate, however, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase. Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation as well as other factors not always known and sometimes beyond control. There is no guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital. Basically, we can’t FORCE you to TAKE ACTION, so therefore we cannot promise success.


Please Note: We did our best to cover everything required for compliance according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as laid down by the WCAG standard 2.0 laid down by the W3C Consortium, BUT this is not legal advise and may not be 100% enough to meet the complete ADA requirements of your business. Please make sure you get an independent review done by an expert to understand what other measures you might need to take in addition to this plugin.

If you close this page and come back later, you risk paying a lot more for ADA Bundle. Click HERE To Get it now so you don’t regret later. See you inside!

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